today’s lecture on methodologies in scientific research has an invited guest… eduarda mendes rodrigues is a recent phd [2004], she was a undergraduated student here at feup and did her research and graduation …

eduarda worked 4 years at microsoft research in cambridge, uk and is going to talk about microsoft research labs and the work there…

microsoft research is the main research lab in computer science… (didn’t know this…)

we watched this video

this is a promotional video but it illustrate some projects mr has done or is involved in and also shows researchers talking about research…

the areas of expertise at mr cambridge, uk

  • computer science
  • computer-mediated living
  • machine learning and perception
  • online services and advertising
  • programming, principles and tools
  • systems and networking
  • external research
    • european science initiative
    • research partnership program

what’s it like to work at mr?… you have the experts next door jic :)

about eduarda’s research…

  • data mining: text and graphic mining [map the skeleton of a website just looking at its url]
  • analysis of online communities and social network
  • information management interfaces

~ social web

  • social networking
  • content sharing
  • knowledge sharing

“people interact online, generate social media… … patterns are left behind”

  • community buzz [‘hot topics’ in newsgroups communities]
  • node xl [network analysis and visualization add-on for ms excel]
  • social footprints [analysis of content and social interactions in social communities]

§ classify messages automatically to predict how will be answered

§ detect situations on answers/voting reliability

§ nodexl and the visualization of social networks… clustering… cohesion…

§ research desktop… a work more on the user interface

researchers needs… how to improve this and put things in an integrated environment that facilitate all these ? [tags objects!!! everything is tagged :)]

activities | tools | library | notes [see video here]

lecture ended with some notes on “how to write a paper” and this presentation by simon peyton jones… [more here]

try to publish on top conferences…

read papers from top conferences…

see conclusions and future work from top conferences to grasp ideas to future work and research directions

work! don’t expect your supervisor to work for you :)

[eduarda’s presentation will be available soon]

and left us this nice game :)