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today’s class was the first on Interaction and Visual Simulation Environments

professor nunes ferreira (fnf) gave an introduction on the discipline and what is expected for us (four) to do… then professor augusto sousa (aas) talked about the first part with more detail…

about the two parts how the discipline is going to function:

> next 4 weeks we will have to learn the basics of computer graphics and then we will have an oral q&a session on the 20th october…
aas and fnf proposed the following chapters of the “introduction on computer graphics” foyer and van dam book:

  • interaction
  • geometric transformations
  • modeling ~ surfaces | solid
  • rendering ~ local and global light models | visibility
  • non-photorealistic rendering

> on the second part we will present a paper on the state-of-the-art of a interaction related theme… the idea is for each one to study a theme, reading some relevant papers, and to research and present a paper about the state-of-the-art around that theme/technology…
proposed themes were around:

  • gestures interaction [ex. OvO game]
  • face interaction [ex. Opera face gestures, video]
  • tactile interaction [ex. quick writing by ken perlin]
  • audible and tactile interaction [ex. one-hand round selector with audio feedback]

i’ve already got the book from the library so now i’ll have to study :)

see you tomorrow…


i woke up really anxious and looking forward to my big (huge) adventure: the prodei classes started today…

yes… the first day…

starting classes with MIC – Methodologies for Scientific Research – but before MIC presentation, professor Eugénio Oliveira (Scientific Committee of ProDEI) gave a brief presentation about the Doctoral Programme.

§ the number of ECTS translated to working hours is, after all math, 40h per week
§ there are 9 non-portuguese colleagues, 5 of which are brazilian
§ we present ourselves (15 of 25 were attending classes today) and later i will give some insight about the group

then came MIC presentation and program (here), started with professor Eugénio Oliveira (eco) and ended with professor António Augusto Sousa (aas) talking about the Doctoral Symposium we will have to organize.

it’s very interesting the idea and experimentation and i will see previous DSIE for inspiration…

aas told us to start thinking about the Scientific Committee and Organization Committee for the Doctoral Symposium and specially about the 2 elements to be chair in each of them…

well… 3 hours full…

and already looking forward for tomorrow’s classes :)